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Chris Steele

I've banked with this place since 2006, I've been very happy with all of the staff and the way they have treated me. I don't even live in the area any more, but I won't change banks because of the way I am treated. So easy to work with.

Sarah H

Great, reliable bank. I moved out of the area years ago but still keep this bank because I've never had any issues.

Kelly Custer

This bank has always gone above and beyond with my customer service needs. The staff is personable--I love not being a stranger. And being able to get help with issues that have come up--mostly from my side! and never feeling like a bother. Also, having banked elsewhere and with accounts in other cities, I can say that their online banking website is the best--better than BMO/Harris, for example, which is significantly more limited. It's truly a pleasure to bank here.

Katie Kloski

Love this bank. Extremely friendly staff.

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