Secure E-mail

We have implemented an e-mail encryption policy to enhance information security and to protect our bank, our customers, and the information we share.

With privacy and regulatory compliance concerns at the forefront, we have implemented ZixCorp e-mail encryption solutions to protect our e-mail and ensure that sensitive personal information remains confidential. Anyone with an e-mail address can receive, open, attach their own documents, and reply securely to our secure messages -- whether or not they have ZixCorp e-mail encryption software. You will also be able to forward our secure messages to another recipient securely. You do not need to purchase any software.

You will need to choose your own password (minimum 8 characters) the first time you receive a secure e-mail from us, and then continue to use it to authenticate and open secure e-mail from us in the future. We will not know your password, and you may change your password in the future as you wish. There is a "Forgotten Password" button included in all of our secure messages where you may self-create a new one.

We appreciate your business and trust in Iowa State Bank.