Bank President's Message

By: Aaron Kness, President/CEO

Because I’m writing this at 5:24 pm on Monday, March 9th, it’s important to acknowledge that everyone probably has more on their minds than Iowa State Bank’s new online and mobile banking services.  Despite COVID-19 appearing in every headline and the New York Stock Exchange experiencing its largest single-day drop since December 2008, this banker is happy. No, I’m not feeling the effects of an adult beverage (it is after 5:00pm, however). I’m genuinely happy because Iowa State Bank has rolled out a new, state-of-the-art mobile banking system that is as safe and secure as it is sophisticated. 

We now have biometric security options including fingerprint and facial recognition, so customers don’t have to enter a password every time they want to check their account balance. After logging into the system you will notice our new Bill Pay system, which includes a convenient person-to-person payment platform (I can send money to my nephews in Green Bay on their birthdays with the click of a button!).  There’s more cool new stuff to talk about, but I’ll let you discover it on your own. 

As with most new high-tech products or services, there can be unforeseen challenges. The bank’s dedicated team of professionals has worked to reset many passwords and assist customers with a variety of needs over the past several weeks. Although we attempted to let all of our customers know about the upcoming changes through email and letters, some folks were still surprised. I sincerely apologize to those customers who were inconvenienced and hope you’ll allow us to continue earning your business going forward.

As of today we’re finished upgrading our online and mobile banking systems, and nearly all of our customers have successfully logged-on. To avoid any inconvenience or frustrations in the future I’d like to quickly share some helpful information:

  1. If you cannot access old bank statements online please let us know. We will provide any and all statements that we’ve archived, upon request, at no cost to our customers.
  2. The new bill pay system works great, and it’s free! The old system still exists, however, and it is not linked to the new system. Any old, recurring Bill Pay items will need to be deleted and recreated on the new system. I point this out because we certainly don’t want you to pay a bill twice.
  3. If you’re having trouble with the link between your Iowa State Bank account and Quickbooks or Quicken please let us know. You’ll want to ensure the accounting software you’re using is linked to the correct website and you’ve loaded your new password:

Despite the stress of today, I hope you’re able to use and enjoy Iowa State Bank’s new online and mobile banking systems. If you would like assistance with anything please email, call, text, or stop by to see us in person. As always, the Iowa State Bank team is here for you. Thank you so much for choosing to bank with us.

Aaron Kness, President/CEO

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