Mortgage Postcard Scam

What are these postcards, and who is sending them?

We have been made aware of a postcard scam asking customers to call a phone number about a time-sensitive matter on their mortgage. Please be aware that this is a scam and did not come from Iowa State Bank, or any financial institution. These postcards are being sent to individuals across the country. There is a small disclaimer in the bottom right corner indicating the sender is “not affiliated with, sponsored by, and loan information not provided by Iowa State Bank.” It further states that the information was provided by another organization.

How did the postcard senders get my information?

At Iowa State Bank, we are committed to protecting our customers' personal information. We would never send you a postcard requesting that you call us regarding your mortgage. Likewise, we do not sell or otherwise distribute information to non-affiliated third parties. Please view our Privacy Policy here:

Some information about mortgages is public record, regardless of which lender the consumer works with. That is how scammers may obtain your contact information. Do note that the account number listed does not match yours — This should immediately alert you to this being a scam.

What if I call the number on the postcard?

We advise our customers NOT call the number listed. Calling the number may connect you with a real person, or it may connect you to automated recording prompts. Either way, do not offer them your personal information.

What should I do if I get this postcard?

The best thing to do is disregard the postcard. Dispose of it however you would any other junk mail. If you would like to take further action, consider filing a complaint with your state's Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division.



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