New Branch in Ottumwa: NOW OPEN!

By: Aaron Kness

Why would a bank choose to open a new office? Isn’t there already a bank branch on every other block? For that matter, why does any business open a new location when the old ones seem perfectly adequate? 

These certainly are fair questions. At Iowa State Bank, we believe there must be a clear and distinct “why” before we invest time and resources into such a venture. This entails asking ourselves important questions, such as:

Can we provide something of value and really make a difference?

Are there unmet needs that we can fulfill?

Do we understand the market and the customers we intend on serving?

We’ve considered entering many markets over the years, but the answers to these questions have never been unanimously affirmative… until now.       

In November, Iowa State Bank opened a branch at 625 E. Pennsylvania Road in Ottumwa, Iowa.  Early next year, we will break ground on a new drive-up ATM located at 1301 Albia Road (next to Fareway). 

We took these major steps because our management team and board of directors sincerely believe that Iowa State Bank will make a positive and meaningful impact in Ottumwa. We also know that our unique brand of service – coupled with high quality financial products – will meet the community’s needs. Finally, not only do we understand the Ottumwa market, but several of our team members have lived in the community for quite some time. Based on these answers, opening a new branch in Ottumwa was the sensible thing to do.

Iowa State Bank’s Ottumwa team, led by Market President Christy Grove, will work closely with our Fairfield team. Our goal is to provide excellent, seamless service to our growing customer base across southeast Iowa. In addition, we aim to be involved in the community. There’s a difference between merely operating a branch location, and truly becoming a vital part of our environment. Iowa State Bank supports a wide variety of schools, businesses, farms, and charity organizations in Jefferson County. We are committed to providing the same contributions to Wapello County.

Be assured, we strongly believe in the reasons we’re in Ottumwa and are dedicated to making a difference. We’re excited to expand Iowa State Bank’s borders, and we look forward to working with the Ottumwa community into the future.

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